Celebrating over 110 years of car cleaning products

2015 SHINY NEW WEBSITE REVEALED Meguiar’s launches a new, fully responsive website to ensure the ever-expanding range of products is only ever a few clicks away.
2008 Launch of the ultimate line The most technologically advanced and best performing range of Meguiar’s products is unveiled to the world, as the Ultimate line featuring the ever-popular Ultimate Quik Detailer hits the shelves.
2004 Breaking new ground. Again Meguiar’s continues to demonstrate a passion for innovation with the launch of the ground-breaking, fully synthetic NXT Generation line of products.
2001 100 years of care and attention A century after creating the first bottle of furniture polish in a garage, Meguiar’s celebrates 100 years of keeping planes, trains and automobiles looking their glimmering best. Not to mention being acknowledged as one of the world’s leading surface care products companies.
2000 Pebble Beach Prestige At the 50th anniversary of the world-famous Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, 21 out of the 25 Best of Class winners all achieved their flawless looks using Meguiar’s products. Unsurprisingly, the overall Best of Show winner was also a Meguiar’s advocate.
Mid 1990s Cleaning up television For Barry Meguiar, his whole life has been spent loving and caring for cars. But what makes Barry so unique, is his burning passion to expand the hobby. For decades he's travelled all over the planet sharing his passion for cars and supporting car clubs, automotive events and museums. With the power of the Internet and our new generation phones, Barry Meguiar saw Car Crazy as the perfect opportunity to unite tens of millions of Enthusiasts around the world using cutting edge technology.
1990s Setting the gold standard Building on the continued success of the company, the Gold Class range is introduced to instant acclaim.
1980s Cleaning up around the world Meguiar’s opens up offices across the globe, introducing the ever-expanding product range to a whole new audience.
1973 Consumer automotive products launch Following the constant demand from enthusiasts for a consumer range of products, tthe Meguiar’s brand of consumer automotive products, the Classic line, is officially introduced. Happily, over 40 years later that marketplace enthusiasm still remains as high as ever.
1960s Shining Cars, Shining Demand With car shows becoming increasingly popular, enthusiasts began to recognise that it was Meguiar’s polishes that were creating the brilliant high-gloss finishes on display. Retailers began to be inundated with requests to stock Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze products, which at the time were only available for professional use.
1950 Keeping it in the family Following the passing of Frank Meguiar, Jr. the family business is taken to the next level by his three sons. Maurice, the eldest, managed sales while Kenneth, the youngest, was in charge of production. It was Malcolm in the middle who shared his late father’s love for formulating and it was this passion that led Malcolm to create many of the company’s existing products including Meguiar’s Cleaner Wax – the number one selling liquid car wax in America.
1930s Perfecting a winning formula Frank Meguiar, Jr. continues to develop class-leading cleaning products, always staying true to his belief that he would never sell a product unless he was convinced it was the very best on the market. Four generations later that belief remains.
1910s From four legs to four wheels With the rising popularity of horseless carriages, Frank Meguiar, Jr. spotted that the mainly wooden automobiles were coated with the same finishes that were applied to furniture. An obvious transition soon followed leading to a long-standing relationship in the automotive industry.
1901 One man. One eggbeater. One vision With the help of his family, an eggbeater and a tin bath, Frank Meguiar, Jr. creates his first bottle of furniture polish in his garage. Each night enough polish would be made to fulfil orders for the following morning and pay for that day’s groceries. The operation’s grown more than a little since.