What is clay?

Published: 09 March 2015


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After you’ve washed and dried your paintwork run your fingertips over the surface. It is likely that you will feel small imperfections. These are contaminants bonded to the paint that cannot be removed with washing alone. Typically these would be tree sap, remnants of bird lime, industrial fallout or even paint overspray. Clay is a fast and safe way to remove contaminants that have bonded to your paintwork which can’t be shifted by washing alone. Meguiar’s recommend that you tear about half of the clay bar off and work it in your hands until soft. Mould the clay to a 5cm disc, spray the Quik Detailer onto clean, dry paintwork and glide the clay through the lubricant using finger tip pressure. It will remove all of the bonded contaminant, giving you a finish as smooth as glass. Search the MeguiarsUK YouTube channel for video demonstrations.

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