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Published: 24 July 2018


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A plan is as important as enthusiasm and often when tacking a new car it can be a daunting challenge, especially with old paint. Ryan Stewart (@7.nth) dropped into the Detailing Bay to seek a little advice before putting DA to panel on his new E30 project.

“I’ve got all the gear, but about 33.3% of the idea” Ryan laughed. Fortunately Dale was able to have a quick look at the car and advise Ryan on where the most work was needed.

The existing paint finish was very typical of an enthusiast owned car of this age. Although the paint had decent beading and was waxed, protected and free of any contaminants the actual finish was poor. It’s good news for Ryan though as with a very quick application of Ultimate Compound brought some very good results.

With a quick clay and a session with the DA this E30 will start to look much better with very little time spent. Ryan doesn’t plan to paint the car any time soon, so renovating the existing paintwork will bring some clarity to the highly metallic Diamond Schwarz paint.

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