Preparing Kenwood’s Golf GTE for a life on the road

Published: 26 July 2018


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The VW Golf has been a familiar sight on the roads for 44 years, but this hatchback has had a boost with  a modern electric motor to supplement a 1.4 TSi engine.

With 148-petrol-powered hp it’s already no slouch, couple this with a 75 kW electric motor powered by a 8.8 kWh lithium-ion battery and this is one Golf deserving of the ‘GT’ name.

But that is not the only boost this GTE has received. KENWOOD contacted us to protect the car ready for its life out on the road, boosting gloss and protection.

PerfectClarity Glass Polishing Compound and PerfectClarity Sealant is a two step process to improve the clarity of the screen to aid vision and also to protect the screen against dirt and grime that can scratch the screen over time. It also gives excellent beading, making driving in the rain a breeze.

Time is of the essence between meetings and KENWOOD’s James Howe wanted a quick way to improve the appearance of the car without sacrificing time. Fast Finish is the ultimate wipe on wipe off protection that leaves a streak free gloss with very little effort.

Simply spray onto a clean microfibre and apply to the panel. It couldn’t be easier!

On high impact areas Ultimate Paste Wax was applied to give a little extra protection. James prefers a paste to a liquid but Liquid Wax is also perfect for this sort of job.

Another great way to keep ontop of the finish between washes is to use Ultimate Waterless Wash and Wax. It has a unique lubricating formula to allow the removal of dust and dirt from the surface of the paint without scratching. When out and about it’s an excellent way to remain presentable when a full wash is not practically possible. We have a lot of photographers that use this on shoot locations were washing simply is not possible.

One Golf GTE, ready for duty!


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