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Ultimate Black Pads

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Superior sponges

Two (2) pre-treated ready-to-use sponges restore new life to all exterior plastic, vinyl & rubber trim such as bumpers, moldings, door handles, rearview mirror housings & windshield cowlings. Utilising breakthrough UV clear-coat technology, Meguiar's Ultimate Black significantly outlasts conventional protectants & trim-care products.


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Ultimate Black Trim Sponges.

  • Brings new life to all exterior plastic, vinyl & rubber trim. 
  • Superior durability - darkness & shine that last for weeks and withstands washing / rain. 
  • Make trim & plastic look-like new. 
  • 2 Convenient pretreated ready-to-use sponges. 
  • Provide outstanding, durable UV protect.
Ultimate Black Pads

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