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Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax 768ML

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For water-free shine

Perfect for urban dwellers of those with limited access to water. Ultimate Waterless Wash safely lifts away dirt and grime while leaving behind a protective layer of hydrophobic wax. In as little as 15 minutes, this new formula can change a drab and dirty appearance into a stunning, clean & shiny car, without a drop of water. What's more, depending on how dirty the car is , a single bottle, along with the help of a few microfibre towels can wash & wax up to five average sized cars.


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Ultimate Waterless Wash

  • Wash anywhere! No hose, bucket or rinsing required.
  • Wash & Wax at the same time!
  • Advanced polymer chemistry leaves behind a glossy, synthetic wax barrier that lasts weeks!
Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax 768ML

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  • Stradz

    What a product! I have used Meguiar's for some time now and this is by far one of their best products! It\'s simple, quick and easy to do spray on wipe off and quick buff brings your car back up to perfection in no time at all.


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  • Al Axon

    I was apprehensive by the thought of using no water to wash the car but after reading and watching some reviews I took the plunge. I also bought the Meguiars branded microfibre cloths to apply/remove it. After using it I can confirm that it is easy to use and leaves the car as good as when I do a full conventional wash and polish. It works just as well on the glass, plastic trim and wheels giving a great streak free shine on all surfaces. It took me longer than a normal wash but when you add in the chamois drying and polish required afterwards this is a much quicker method. I did use approx half the bottle however my car is a large 4x4 and had over a 1000 miles of motorway grime on it. I was also being generous with the sprayer (due to my apprehension); as I get more confident with my technique and the new method I am sure I will use a lot less. Dead flies still took a bit of extra effort to remove but I still felt it was easier than with a sponge and car shampoo. I recommend this product to anyone who is unsure of water-less washing and I will be using this product to wash my car from now on.


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