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Published: 24 July 2018


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Show car level paint finish takes a considerable amount of time to perfect and it is not always something your bodyshop may have time to create. For perfectionists it is certainly something that they would prefer to refine at home.

Fresh from the paint shop our own project Rising Sunny has just undergone the same treatment. In natural light it looked great, soft cloudy skies tend to be kind to paint finish but we knew that it would need additional work to shine under artificial lighting in a show hall.

Detailing a solid black car with a mixture of fiberglass and metal panels brings with it unique challenges too. Fiberglass cannot handle the same heat as metal so you cant work it for as long as you could on a steel panel. This makes matching steel and fiberglass paint finishes a challenge. Rotary polishing compounds this problem as heat builds up quicker and is harder to control, increasing the disparity between the panels. Using a DA makes it easier to control the temperature of the fiberglass panel and achieve a high level of gloss

Having a flocked dash is like fitting a magnet for dust and fibres to the dashboard. It can be a tricky finish to keep clean but Meguiar’s quick interior detailer and a detailing mitt makes light work of it and leaves no tract of fibres.

Likewise, with a car being moved around a workshop it’s inevitable that it will pick up some dirty hands. APC brings a fresh sheen-less finish to leather and is perfectly safe to use.

Fresh seats won’t be protected, to keep the custom Cobra seats looking fresh Dale has applied Meguiar’s leather balm to the leather sections.

With a base level detail achieved on the car, it’s now ready for the critical audience at Waxstock. We’ll be further refining the finish on the car as we go, it’s a really challenging car with lots of different surface types and transitions and catches light in a really unique way. It’s certainly fun to work with!

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