VIDEO: Day In The Bay – Episode 2

Published: 11 October 2018


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For this month’s Day In The Bay we’ve decided to tackle one of our most commonly-asked questions we receive both at shows and on social media. How can I wash my vinyl-wrapped car? Well, the simple answer is just like a normal car… but there’s a few key products and techniques we’d recommend to make your life easier and your vinyl cleaner.

Why? Vinyl wraps have a tendency of being softer than a hard-baked automotive paint, so it’s best to take a much softer approach to the detailing process to avoid causing any unsightly marks or swirls. That’s not to say you can’t use ultimate compound on vinyl – you absolutely can – but the same ethos stands: always take a softer approach!

To help us illustrate this, we invited local performance-nutters Revo along in their Mk7.5 Golf R demo vehicle. Aside from being vinyl wrapped, this car gets used… hard! So it’s constantly subject to bugs, dirt and contaminants all year round.

Like everything Revo get their hands on, they wanted a solution which was… fast. So we compiled a kit bag consisting of several quick and easy products designed to revive and restore vinyl wrap without the need for specialist equipment. Enjoy!

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