VIDEO: Day In The Bay – Episode 3

Published: 26 November 2018


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Classic cars have never been more popular, but it’s getting increasingly difficult to find a good one unless you’re prepared to pay over the odds. One scene which knows this all too well is the classic BMW scene. Once upon a time you couldn’t give the E30 away. Nowadays even a boggo-spec model will set you back thousands. Want something rare? You best be sitting down for the price…

One of the rarest non-M3 E30s belongs to Londoner JV, the proud owner of an E30 Motorsport Cabriolet – one of just 25 ever built! JV’s owned his E30 for years and over that time has built it into the uber-cab pictured here, not least thanks to a whole host of Alpina upgrades including the wheels and bodywork. Combine that with modern Air Lift Performance suspension and the result is a super-sleek classic with a stance to match.

But here’s the thing, during his ownership JV has never attacked the E30’s paint with a proper machine polisher. That’s not to say it wasn’t looked after, but anyone who’s seen our before and after films will know just how much difference a proper correction can make even to the best paint!

So for Episode 3 of our ‘Day In The Bay’ series we’ve focused on a good ol’ paint correction, starting with the required tools & products and finishing with – most importantly – the correct procedure to ensure the best results. Grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy…

You can see more of JV’s E30 here:

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