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Air Re-fresher, New Car Scent 71g

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  • Fresh new car scent.
  • Permanent odour eliminating technology.


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A single use Odour Remover that removes the toughest odours throughout the entire interior of a car, truck or SUV. By using a car’s recirculated air system Meguiar’s® Air Refresher will move throughout the inside of your vehicle removing odour in all the hard to reach areas, while leaving a pleasant fresh scent in its place.


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  1. TeamDetail

    Used this in a 12 year old CRV used for transporting my large dog and trips to the dump. The dog smell even after a thorough clean has never disappeared completely and if you sat in the car without the AC on you would get a wiff. I prepared the car by hoovering and also steam cleaned which helped. Then used the New car air freshener which really does clear the odours just like a new car now!. Make sure you follow the simple instructions i.e clean first then a/c on coolest setting and fan on highest with re-circulate on; i also had the a/c on auto for the air vents and footwell etc to get the benefit. After the 15 minutes when i turned the engine off I didn’t air the car out as recommended but left it. I can say that the smell isn’t too pungent at all and a vey pleasant lightly floral “new car” smell. Will be repeating in 6 months time.

  2. Mark N

    I used this on my car today. I initially thought it was just a standard air freshener. IT IS NOT!!! This is a single use, one time air freshener/Odour eliminator. You run the fan at full speed with the recirc fan, close all doors and windows and set up this ‘Air Freshener’ and activate. I can safely say this is an awesome product and smells amazing. Brilliant product as you would expect from Meguiars A+++++

  3. Steve cane

    Used it on my Audi S5 recently and it works teally well! Weeks later and everytime you get into the car it still smells fresh!


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