Now before you get too excited, we need to clear up a few things… namely the title. Don’t be disappointed, but this isn’t a duel to the death. There’s no swords, helmets or chest armour in sight (unless you delve into Dale’s special wardrobe). So before you get all excited at the prospect of a real-life Game Of Thrones episode, we need to clarity that absolutely zero murdering will take place.

However, what we will be doing is WAY more exciting than that anyway. Anyone who knows Meguiar’s UK will have at some point dealt with our two marketing gurus, Tom and Dale, otherwise known as the bearded one and the blonde one. When they’re not busy in the Detailing Bay, Tom and Dale are absolutely living the world of car culture, having built multiple show cars in the past as well as steered the builds of every Meguiar’s demo vehicle over the years.

But, like any good mates, their opinions on what’s considered cool in the tuning world varies greatly… especially when it comes to building their own cars! The solution? Make ’em build a car each, and then have you guys vote on which one is best!

The criteria is simple: both Meguiar’s boys gets a set budgetto spend which includes buying the car and tuning it. Only half of that can be spent buying the ‘base’ car, meaning it’s not as simply as just going out and buying a mint-condition RS Turbo; we want to see a proper build!

Speaking of RS Turbos, the theme for each of ’em is ‘Dream Builds’. Now we know that budget doesn’t exactly stretch to a Lamborghini or Porsche, but it will stretch to those childhood ‘hero’ cars which escaped us all first time round and, with a bit of fettling, can be made awesome once again.

We’re as intrigued as you are as to which route both guys are going to take with their cars, let alone the actual base model they’ll be starting with! So stay tuned to the Meguiar’s blog along with our official YouTube channel where we’ll be documenting each step along the way. Question is, what car(s) do you want to see them build?