Applying a polishing compound & sealant to your car’s bodywork is nothing new – it’s one of the secrets to achieving flawless paint after all – but did you know the same methods can be applied to your car’s windows?

It might sound bonkers, but it’s absolutely true, and just like your car’s bodywork you can achieve some seriously dramatic results in just a few simple steps!

New for 2018, Meguiar’s is super-excited to launch our Perfect Clarity Glass Polishing Compound and Perfect Clarity Glass Sealant. While sold individually, these are two products designed to be used in conjunction with one another and we’ll explain why in just a second.

Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Polishing Compound

The clue really is in the name here. This is a product designed to polish your car’s glass just like a regular compound polishes paintwork. Designed to polish the glass as clear as possible, its application is also identical to that of a traditional compound by working in a circular motion. But just like a polish, it’ll also need that clarity sealing from any nasty contaminants too…

Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Sealant

This is where Perfect Clarity Glass Sealant comes into play. With your windscreen & glass suitably polished and crystal clear, Perfect Clarity Glass Sealant provides an invisible layer of lasting protection which not only keeps your windscreen cleaner for longer, it also repels any water which hits it.

Fed up of having reduced visibility in the rain (of course you are, you live in Britain)? Perfect Clarity Glass Sealant aids in repelling water rapidly making your windscreen clearer for longer. How cool is that?

As always, we’ll be bringing you a step-by-step guide on using both the Polishing Compound and Glass Sealant later in the month including shots of the beading both before and after application. If you’re someone who drives a lot and gets fed up of British weather, this is a must have for you.