Here at Meguiar’s we love the feeling you get after transforming your car’s paintwork from dull and dirty embarrassment into a swirl-free masterpiece, but truth be told after the initial ‘clean’ it’s very easy to forget about the little details.

In reality, it’s those little details which make a car truly stand out from the rest, and one of the most commonly neglected areas is a car’s exhaust system.

It’s not hard to understand why, either. Your car’s paintwork is the most visually striking part – there’s no hiding it. So not only is it the biggest eye-sore when dirty, it’s also the biggest compliment when its clean. The exhaust? Not so much. Sooty, relatively small in comparison and often completely hidden bar the tip, we totally get why you might ignore it.

But you shouldn’t. ‘Cus we’ve got the perfect solution to make it a quick and easy process for maximum results!

NXT Metal Polish does exactly what it says on the tin. In two simple, easy steps it’ll revive and protect all metals it’s applied to, from exhaust tips to wheel barrels and everything in between. Ready? Let’s show you how.

Now if your exhaust is particularly dirty, we’d advise using our APC (All Purpose Cleaner) to remove the bulk of the carbon and build up. Simply spray it onto the affected area, leave it briefly to start breaking down the contaminants before removing with a clean microfibre.

Onto the metal polish. Using an even coat microfibre pad, push it into the tin before twisting several times loading the product onto the pad without completely coating it. The more you put on, the more you’ll have to take off after all.

Work the compound into the exhaust moving in a circular motion where possible. Depending on the condition of the metal, it may require several passes to bring it back to being super-shiny.

The final step requires simply removing the product with another clean microfibre cloth and you’re done. The simple processes are often the best…