The biggest heatwave Britain’s seen In decades, set to remain ALL August. Health warnings, hose pipe bans and shirtless men on every street. You know what this weather requires? A kick-ass BBQ. What could possibly go wrong?

British weather, that’s what.

Only in Britain could the weather turn from Caribbean to cataclysmic in the space of an hour. Panic spread across the nation as bright-red Brits frantically searched for waterproof clothing and EVEN the dreaded jeans. A nation brought back to a watery reality overnight.

You know what this weather requires? A kick-ass BBQ…

‘Cus us Brits know better than to put all our eggs in a sun-shaped basket. And when there’s killer cars & flame grilled burgers on the menu it’ll take more than a bit of rain to send us packing.

Welcome to the 2018 Meguiar’s BBQ, an annual event we’ve hosted for the past seven years now. What started life as a simple opportunity to get friends together without the hustle and bustle of a show is now one of our highlights of the year, and seeing the variety of cars on display even in the soaking rain just reaffirmed why we love it so much.

It’s never been about getting the most number of cars together; it’s never been about making money (it’s free… even the food). It’s simply a chance for Meguiar’s to give a little back to all the friends, families and businesses which support us year after year come rain or shine.

That last sentence is particularly important, because in case you haven’t already guessed (or looked out the window) it’s a bit damp. Sods law given the heatwave we’ve been in the middle of, but all we see now is an opportunity to show off some serious beading…

We’re continually blown away and humbled by the effort made by those who join us every year. It’s still an invite-only affair, but that isn’t us trying to be elitist. We’ve got limited space @ Meguiar’s HQ, and given the huge amount of support we receive each year we try and cater for those who’ve made it all possible and will turn up regardless of the weather.

Take Welsh mountain of a man Rob Pandy who set off at 5am from the valleys all in the quest for some cleaning equipment & a couple of quarter pounders…

But it doesn’t matter where you’re traveling from, everyone’s here for the same reason – chilled vibes, free food and a catch up with friends, both old and new. But it wouldn’t be a get-together without a few trophies for those exceptional cars, ranging from best wheels through to ‘best in show’. We’ll be bringing you a follow-up post listing the winners later this week.

From everyone here at Meguiar’s UK we’d like to say a massive thanks to everyone who came along on the day to show their support – we know the weather wasn’t ideal… especially given the nature of our business, but it’s massively appreciated.

An extra big thank-you to the guys at Monster Energy who plied us all with energy drinks throughout the entire day. We’ve just about stopped buzzing…

With August just around the corner we’ll be ramping up our show attendance even further with key events including Edition 38 & Trax coming up. Until then, check out our (slightly damp) gallery from the BBQ. Spotted your car? Feel free to post and tag us on Instagram using the #MeguiarsBBQ hashtag!