Nothing quite beats the Friday feeling, but there is one thing which comes in at a close second: new product day courtesy of Meguiar’s UK! We’re only just entering the month of May and we’ve already been flat-out developing a whole host of new products for 2018 including one of our favourites, the Meguiar’s Detailing Mitt.

Now first thing’s first, this isn’t an alternative to our Microfibre Wash Mitt – this is specifically tailored towards being used for final detailing and not the initial cleaning phase. Stick with us and we’ll explain to you the science behind it.

For a start, the Meguiar’s Detailing Mitt boasts a super-thick 920gsm pile material making it safe to use on all surfaces and finishes, absorbing water super-fast with a softness that helps reduce marks on paint and trim.

Secondly, the Meguiar’s Detailing Mitt… is a mitt. It slides on over your hand with a stitched-in finger separator at the top. Why you ask? One of the most frustrating things – especially when detailing interior trim – is having a traditional microfibre cloth bunch up under your fingers (especially in hard-to-reach places) making it extra difficult to clean. Needless to say, having the same Meguiar’s drying material in the form of a mitt eliminates this very issue.

We’ve found the Meguiar’s Detailing Mitt to be much more suited to interior detailing than large exterior panels (where the larger Supreme Finishing Towel is better suited) but it’s perfectly safe to use on all surfaces.

NOTE: For interior detailing, Meguiar’s recommends the Detailing Mitt is used in conjunction with our Interior Detailer for best results.