Imagine an interior spray which not only cleans, shines and protects surfaces… but also leaves behind a refreshing new car scent AND eliminates unwanted odors in the process. That’s exactly what we’ve achieved with the New Car Scent Protectant, and it’s pretty awesome even by Meguiar’s standards!

Packing a non-greasy formula and a super-easy trigger spray, Meguiar’s New Car Scent Protectant will help remove daily dirt and grime while providing darkness and satin sheen to vinyl, rubber and even plastic surfaces. UV blocking agents also help keep interior surfaces protected and looking like new even with constant sun exposure – something all interiors suffer with over time.

Interior cleaned and looking better than new, the final finishing touch is a pleasant new car scent – the same you’ll find from our awesome air re-fresher system – which even removes unwanted odors in the process. What more could you possibly need from an all-in-one interior cleaner?


  • Same great Clean/Shine/Protect features
  • Includes our most popular New Car Scent
  • Permanently eliminates odors on surfaces