The Meguiar’s detailing range is one of the most comprehensive on the market, and while the majority of our products are designed for consumer use we pay just as much attention to the professional side, too.

One common misconception is that professional must mean the product is better, but that isn’t always the case. One good example of this is colour correction and protection. Now if you’re a consumer with an afternoon spare, it’s entirely feasible to spend 4-5 hours detailing your car to absolute perfection…

…but what if you’re a professional who needs to correct upwards of 10-15 cars per day? One option is to build a machine capable of bending the law of time, but another (more realistic) approach is to use the Meguiar’s Professional series.

For this particular blog post, we’re going to focus on Correction Compound & Finishing Wax – one of the most common procedures for petrolheads serious about detailing. We’ve already covered this on a consumer level in the past which you can see here, but this post is purely focused on the two Professional equivalents – DAMF Correction Compound & Finishing Wax – and how they differ from the consumer range.

So why does DAMF Correction Compound & Finishing Wax exist?

That’s an easy one. Meguiar’s specifically developed these two products for professionals who need maximum results in minimal time. In fact, we originally designed these two products for use within American car auction houses where each vehicle is required to be rapidly prepared ahead of sale. Make’s sense, right?

But how does it work faster than Ultimate Compound?

The simple answer here is to look at the cutting effect associated with the two products. Correction Compound boasts a much greater cutting effect within the actual compound which in turn means that each panel requires fewer passes to correct. Less passes = less time spent thus speeding up the entire process.

Ok I get that, but why not just give the same cutting power for your consumer range?

The clue here is in the name, or rather the DAMF bit. This stands for Dual Action Microfibre and refers to the type of machine & pad required for use with these products.

Meguiar’s microfibre cutting pads allow heat to be generated much faster than the equivalent foam pads which, when combined with a greater cutting compound, allows an even faster cutting and correction.

But, and here’s the big but, this is the exact reason why these products are for professional use only. More heat does indeed cut faster, but it also greatly increases the risk of damaging the paint surface by applying too much heat (either by pressure or working a panel too slowly).

In comparison, Ultimate Compound (and a foam cutting pad) will still achieve the same results, but the lower heat generated makes it much safer to use by all enthusiasts (and professionals).

Talk to me about the wax. Why is this special?

DAMF Finishing Wax isn’t your typical wax. For a start, it’s been designed for use with a specific finishing pad which boasts a much thicker size to generate less pressure and heat for a better, more even application.

Secondly, and here’s where it gets really interesting, our DAMF Finishing Wax still has some cutting effect within the compound! So if you’ve been left with any hazing after the initial correction stage, you can quite literally polish it out using the wax and without the need for another pass saving you precious time.

As a final bonus, Finishing Wax also cures much faster than our Ultimate Wax, to the point where it can be removed almost instantly with a clean microfibre towel. Why? Because the wax has essentially been machined on, the need to leave it to cure isn’t required due to the heat generated thus speeding up the process even more. Neat, right?