From absolute novices to detailing veterans, 1930’s trucks to brand new supercars, the detailing bay has seen it all. It is a moment of truth for most owners as seeing your car under the bright, harsh lights of the bay reveals the true condition of the paintwork.

Even a new car can benefit from correction and even well cared for vehicles inevitably pick up swirls and marks from washing.

Chris Stewart from Regal Autosport got in touch to seek some advice on home correction for both his Lamborghini Huracan and Porsche GT3. Chris uses both cars regularly and takes them to Spa and the Nurburgring.

Although his wash routine is great being on the road or out in Europe can seriously limit the ability to two bucket and stop swirls. Eager to keep the cars tip-top Chris popped in to pick up an MT320 and get some advice on best practise to correct the paint on his cars.

On more modern cars paint protection film adds another air of uncertainty into the mix. The way you correct the protective plastic covering paint is very different to how you treat paint itself. The wings and bonnet of this Huracan have PPF applied, so it is another aspect Chris was keen to clarify.

Claying removes surface contamination and gives you a clear view of defects in the paint, rather than seeing those sitting on the paint. From there it is then possible to correct areas in need of extra clarity and create an even gloss across the whole car.

With the MT320 Dual Action polishing machine it is easy to achieve great results without damaging paint. Especially important on a valuable car with lots of hard body lines like this one.

The Meguiar’s team has a huge amount of experience in correcting all types of paint on a variety of different vehicles so it is unlikely that there is much they haven’t seen. After a few hours Chris was armed with the knowledge to maintain a great shine on his car collection from the comfort of his own home. Let’s face it – there’s no better Sunday spent than one in the garage!