Your paintwork is looking great, your wheels are gleaming and the interior is looking fresh to match. There’s just one thing not quite right – that distinctive smell of the daily errands. Whether it’s the pong of the family pet or the lingering stench of last night’s gym bag, certain smells can really take the enjoyment out of driving. Meguiar’s has the answer with an exciting new addition to its range – the Whole Car Air Re-Fresher. This product quickly and effectively removes the toughest odours throughout the entire vehicle leaving a pleasant scent in its place that lasts for weeks!


The product works by neutralising unwanted odours using Meguiar’s complete Odour Eliminating Technology. The Air Re-Fresher circulates through the entire ventilation system, across the headliner and in between all those hard to reach areas permanently removing smells like cigarette smoke, wet dog, gym gear and more to leave the interior with a fresh scent.


First remove the source of the bad odour by cleaning the affected area. Then with your cars fan on high and air recirculate turned on, engage the locking mechanism on the can and allow the Air Re-fresher to circulate for 15 minutes. The odour eliminator will mist throughout the entire cabin permanently removing odours as it goes.


The Whole Car Air-Refresher by Meguiar’s retails for just £10.00 and breathes fresh air into your cabin!