Meguiar’s Cabriolet Cleaner  & Weatherproofer, Lens Correction Kit and Finishing Metal Polish all scored top marks in recent issues of Auto Express and MiniWorld.

The Auto Express team carried out a test of some of the most well know Cabriolet Cleaners and Weatherproofers. Each product was applied to a soft top that had accumulated weeks of dirt and grime. Chief tester Henry Willis awarded the Meguiar’s Cleaner & Weatherproofer  4 out of 5 along with an Auto Express Recommended award.  Willis said,” The weatherproofer ensured the best water resistance on test.”

AE hood cleaners

In Miniworld magazine, it was Meguiar’s Lens Correction Kit and Meguiar’s Finishing Metal Polish scooped top marks. On the Lens Correction Kit Buff Daddy said, “I tested this kit on a pair of tired old Rover Mini lights and it returned then to an as new finish in very little time.”

When writing about the Finishing Metal Polish Buff Daddy said,” This product is out standing it ready enhances the shine on new or restored brightwork.

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