At the end of 2015 we took a closer look at the Meguiar’s Professional Series, a range of cleaning products offered alongside our consumer series but tailored towards industry professionals (such as detailers and bodyshops).


Professional simply refers to its target use and doesn’t necessarily make it a superior product compared to the consumer range. Put simply, Meguiar’s Professional Series provides quick and high-quality results for users where time is much more limited, and product is often required to be free of certain materials such as silicone.


For certain die-hard petrolheads looking to take their car care even further, the Professional Series is a fantastic solution. But just as we showed with our DA Microfibre post here, certain products often require a different technique to achieve the best results every time.


Throughout this blog post we’ll be covering more of the Professional Series and when to use it including APC (All Purpose Cleaner), Super Degreaser and Detailing Swabs. Let’s start with one of the most neglected areas of a car – its engine bay.


CLEANING – Your engine bay is a hive of pipes, plastics and electrics so introducing a pressure washer to the mix isn’t always a great idea! To get round this, Meguiar’s APC (All Purpose Cleaner) can be used on all plastics, trim and hoses while Meguiar’s Super Degreaser is perfect for breaking down more stubborn dirt including grease and oil.

AK7Z5820 AK7Z5823

Application is simple – spray in an even and uniform way before wiping down with a microfibre cloth after a few seconds. For tough or stubborn stains, allow the product to sit a little longer before wiping clean.

AK7Z5835 AK7Z5838

TOP TIP: For tricky area, agitate small areas with Meguiar’s Detailing Swabs after spraying product both on the swab and surface.


DRESSING – Both APC and Super Degreaser will leave a matt factory finish, but for those wanting a more enhanced satin finish Meguiar’s Hyper Dressing is the perfection solution.

AK7Z5843 AK7Z5849


Hyper Dressing works best on plastic surfaces, and just like APC is applied simply by spraying an even coat across the surface. Remember to take a fresh microfibre cloth and wipe evenly for a streak-free finish.

AK7Z5854 AK7Z5857

TOP TIP: You can use a dry Meguiar’s detailing swab to help remove any leftover product from areas such as the badges.


GLASS & WINDOWS – Just like our consumer range, the Meguiar’s Professional Series glass cleaner works best with a ‘less is more’ approach to its application.


A light misting to the dry glass or directly to the cloth will be more than enough to leave a streak-free and clear finish. If you are doing both sides of the glass, Meguiar’s suggests wiping in a horizontal motion on one side and vertically on the other. This will give a clear indication if the glass needs a quick buff to remove any leftover product.


For our third and final blog post covering the Professional Series, we’ll be taking a look at the world of rotary machine polishers – and more importantly the techniques and products required to ensure a fantastic finish without damaging the paint.