Launched earlier this year, Meguiar’s Ultimate Wheel Cleaner is one of our most-exciting products available thanks to its ultra-impressive performance and ease of use.

We don’t need to tell you the exact science involved – you can find that all out on our lost blog post here – so instead we wanted to give you some handy dos and don’ts to ensure you get the best possible results during application.

Let’s start with the dos…

Ultimate Wheel Cleaner is PH Neutral and safe to use on all wheels and finishes, so it doesn’t matter how dirty your wheels are. In fact, we’d say the dirtier the better! We love seeing before & after pics, so do make sure you take pics and tag with with #MeguiarsUK

Secondly, you’ll want to let your wheels cool down if you’ve been braking heavy or driven a long distance. Ultimate Wheel Cleaner works best at a cooler temperature and seeing as brakes can reach hundreds of degrees we’d recommend grabbing a cuppa before applying if you’ve been driving enthusiastically so to speak!

Finally, make sure you’ve got a pressure washer ready or hosepipe ready. Once the product has turned a pinkie/purple shade after a few minutes, rinse it off thoroughly before drying with a clean microfibre towel.

Onto the don’ts…

First things first, it’s important you don’t leave the product to sit too long on the wheel. Ultimate Wheel Cleaner is ph neutral and it cannot damage your wheel, but if you leave it on too long you could end up with some light staining which will require cleaning off. Make life easy for yourself and leave it just a few minutes maximum.

Similarly, don’t apply the product if the weather’s too hot or the wheel is baking. For the exact same reasons as above, this can cause the product to dry quickly without giving enough time for it to clean thoroughly.

The final tip might sound odd (and go against all other wheel cleaners you’ve used before) but don’t wet the wheels beforehand. Put simply, there’s no need. By wetting the wheels first and then applying Ultimate Wheel Cleaner, you’re causing the product to run off the surface before it’s had a chance to work its magic. Spray first, wash off after.

Got it? Good stuff. Now let’s see your before and afters over on the #MeguiarsUK hashtag!