Applying a wax to your paint is the perfect way to ensure it remains protected all year round, eliminating the likes of paint fade which can turn red cars pink over time. But what about those car owners who simply don’t have the time or patience to regularly wax a car? Introducing Meguiar’s Paint Protect – the perfect solution for powerful paint protection with a quick and simple application!

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Meguiar’s Paint Protect delivers tenacious protection with a super-easy application. No rubbing and no buffing necessary! Paint Protect’s pure synthetic chemistry applies easier than a traditional wax; simply wipe on, wipe off. Unlike a wax, the unique formula does not haze but sets in just 3-5 minutes (fully curing in 24 hours) to provide incredible water beading protection wash after wash after wash…



The first thing you’ll notice is the unique flip-up nozzle which is very narrow compared to other products. This is because very little product is needed to go a long, long way! Apply a 10 pence size amount of product to a clean foam applicator pad. Meguiar’s recommend applying this product with a foam applicator pad.



Start applying the product to the paint using light pressure with over lapping passes. This product is incredibly slick to apply, so you should find application very quick and easy. Remember that a little goes along way and that 10 pence size amount of product will be enough to cover the bonnet of most cars.


Once you’ve applied an even coat to all of the paintwork you should then allow the product to set. This typically takes about 3-5 minutes. Once the product has set remove the residue with a clean microfibre towel to reveal glossy and protected paint.


Now that the paint is protected you will find that washing and caring for your car becomes much easier. In order to maintain the finish Meguiar’s advise using a pH neutral car wash like Gold Class or Ultimate Wash & Wax.

You can order your Paint Protect from the following link: