It’s pretty scary how quickly the months have flown past this year. Can you believe we’re almost in October? That means it’s almost Christmas, which means it’s almost 2019. How did that happen? Ok, maybe we’re getting a little bit ahead of ourselves…

But before we draw a line under 2018 and prepare for a bigger and better 2019, there’s still a few stand-out shows left in the calendar, not least Player’s. Wait, haven’t we already had Player’s? For those unfamiliar, the Player’s brand now sports two events – Player’s Classic @ Goodwood Circuit (now in its 6th year) and Player’s Show @ North Weald (now in its 12th year).

Meguiar’s have been a major supporter of both events since day one, and with Player’s 12.0 this Sunday we figured what better way to hype up this year’s show than with a little throwback to last year’s?

When we say all aspects of car culture is celebrated here, we genuinely mean it. What other event can you expect to find a stanced Evo IX parked alongside a Thunder Saloon-inspired Rover SD1? Apart from Player’s Classic @ Goodwood that is…

Why do we rate Player’s so highly? We visit a serious amount of shows every year, and while we love visiting every single one it’s always refreshing to see show organisers who genuinely eat, sleep and breathe the tuning scene. What’s more, Jay and Carl practice what they preach when it comes to which cars they let exhibit, too. It might not keep every car owner happy, but for those punters who want to see maximum diversity every show that’s exactly what they get. We’ve got a lot of time for that.

We’ve had the pleasure of welcoming many of the Player’s-built cars into the Meguiar’s detailing bay over the years and every event – come rain or shine – they’ll ALWAYS be sparkling thanks to a bit of Meguiar’s TLC.

Once again North Weald will play host to Player’s 12.0, and what this venue lacks in terms of track action it more than makes up for with attractions, trade stands and more. What’s more, it’s seriously appreciated having a show venue properly setup for a one-day event where it doesn’t take hours just to get in and parked.

Old cars, new cars, stanced cars, lowriders and everything in between. If you wanted to get a feel for car culture in the UK, nobody does it better. Even if you’re seasoned show-goers like Meguiar’s, Player’s ALWAYS throws up some wildcard entrants you’ll have never seen before.

What more can we say? If you love car culture, you need Player’s in your life. With just a few day’s to go until Player’s 11.0 we cannot stress enough how good a show Player’s is. If you can only visit just one show every year and only want to see the best the UK has to offer, make it this one.