Not that we’re biased (OK, maybe a little…) but Retro Rides Gathering might just be one of our new favourite shows!

Last weekend, Meguiar’s UK headed to Shelsey Walsh for the annual Retro Rides Gathering. For those unfamiliar with the Retro Rides brand, this started life (and remains) as an internet forum for die-hard classic car fans to hang out. Think Edition 38, but for retro cars. Over time the need for a dedicated show became greater and greater, and thus the Retro Rides Gathering was born.

What we love about this show is the location. Rather than go down the ‘normal’ show route, Retro Rides opted for Shelsey Walsh – one of the UK’s oldest hillclimb venues. The heritage alone makes it the perfect place for a classic car get together, albeit with the added bonus of live action happening throughout the day. Combine that with a field full of incredible pre-90s machinery and the result is a fantastic day out for ALL the family.

With Project Sunny recently finished, it also seemed like the perfect venue to give it a little Sunday outing. Keen to have it on display, we teamed up with our friends at Slam Sanctuary who kindly allocated a space on their stand. Unbeknown to us, we’d inadvertently entered the Retro Rides awards… and then we won something.

At first we assumed it might just be a ‘Best Truck’ or ‘Oddball’ award, but then came the announcement right at the end of the day… Car Of The Year! The judges told us it was an incredible example of a truck, well thought out and executed brilliantly. To say we were blown away with the news is an understatement, and above all else it’s a real testament to the people who’ve helped with every step of the build.