SEMA is all about new cars and new technologies… right? Not quite! Explore the multitude of halls and outside areas and you’re guaranteed to find some REALLY crazy cars. Don’t believe us? Check out this amazing creation spotted near the Las Vegas Convention Centre Monorail Station.


Built by tuning extraordinaires, and general geniuses Welderup, this beast of a machine started life as a 1954 GMC COE. Although it looks to be the result of years of hard work, Welderup actually built the whole project in just 10-days for owner Jon Stearns in time for SEMA 2013. Now that’s some serious dedication! Powered by a 450bhp single-turbo Cummins straight-six motor, the GMC COE has more than enough grunt to move the doubled-up 20-inch rear wheels. It makes a seriously good noise, too!


Every aspect has been custom fabricated from the inside out, including an array of parts, graphics and details from owner Jon’s Fruit Farm. Amidst a show full of super-modified hypercars and new products, it takes some serious effort to stand out. Safe to say Welderup has easily achieved a stand-out show vehicle here.