You may think your car’s paintwork is in good condition after a wash, but take a closer look (especially in the sunshine) and you’ll notice what appears to be hundreds of thousands of tiny scratches littering every panel.

Cobweb scratches are commonly caused by everyday wear and tear, however something as simple as using the wrong washing mitt or drying towel can have a similar effect. But before you panic, these scratches and swirls aren’t a permanent fixture, and Meguiar’s has the perfect solution to permanently remove these from your paintwork allowing you to create crystal clear reflections.


Scratches and swirls are the most common paint problem that car owners suffer across the UK. But these annoying marks are easier to remove than most people think; all it takes is the right product, a little know-how and the correct accessories.

Firstly, you should ensure your car is thoroughly washed and dried. Once complete, apply a small amount of Ultimate Compound to the Even Coat applicator pad and work in an up and down, left to right motion applying moderate pressure. The more pressure you apply to the pad, the more the level of cut increases.


Once the product begins to turn to a haze on the paintwork, take a clean microfiber or cotton terry towel and remove the residue. Reassess the surface and see if the swirls have been removed. If not, don’t worry – just re-apply the Ultimate Compound to the pad and work the area once again!



With the swirls and cobwebs removed, the next step is to feed the paint with oils in order to achieve a deep, rich gloss. A common misconception is that polishes remove scratches and swirls, but actually they are geared towards feeding the paint with nourishing oils instead. It is important that you ALWAYS apply a wax after a polish, as the wax is what seals the polish to the paint. Without the wax, the polish would wash off in the first rain shower.


With the Ultimate Polish applied, it’s time to seal in the gloss with a good quality wax. Meguiar’s Ultimate Wax gives a deep, rich gloss and provides excellent durability and protection all year round. Waxing complete, it’s time to step back and enjoy swirl-free paintwork whatever the weather!



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