The Meguiar’s MT320 is a revolutionary product. Never before has it been so easy to achieve a professional paint finish from the comfort of your own home, safe in the knowledge that your paint cannot be damaged by incorrect use unlike a traditional rotary system.


Every key aspect of the MT320 has been redesigned to achieve the perfect combination of form and function. Inside, the MT320 boasts a Digital Torque Management system which electronically regulates and maintains the torque and speed during use. A new billet counter weight ensures the MT320 is smooth to use and perfectly balanced, while its all-new thumb adjustable speed dial provides a speed adjustment between 3000-7500 opm for faster compounding, superior final polishing and easier waxing.


In the detailing world there’s one topic that continually remains at the top of discussions all year round – paint correction. We’ve all seen paintwork riddled with scratches or cobweb-like marks caused by poor washing techniques (from contaminated sponges and pads) as well as general wear and tear over time. The Meguiar’s MT320 is the perfect solution for restoring your paint to its former glory in a few easy steps!


Clay is an essential step in preparing the paint prior to any swirl or scratch removals, as well as restoration. It’s a quick and easy way of removing tree sap, road tar and industrial fallout. Simply apply Meguiar’s Quik Detailer to the surface as a lubricant, run the clay bar with finger pressure only over the surface and watch the contaminants disappear. NOTE: Don’t try and use water as a lubricant, and if you drop a clay bar on the floor put it in the bin.


Surface prepped, now it’s time for the real fun to begin. Our secret weapon here is Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound – one of our most-popular swirl removal products currently available. More importantly, Ultimate Compound is loaded with paint cleaners specifically formulated to revive tired and faded paint.


This is applied using the MT320 fitted with a 5in cutting disc (red). Start by spreading the compound over the bodywork at a speed of 3000 opm before increasing up to 5800 opm as a working speed. Ensure no pressure is applied with a slow arm speed and continue to work the product until hazed. Depending on how severe your car’s paint is, it may require two or three passes over certain areas to achieve a swirl free, consistent finish.


NOTE: Always remove any product with a clean microfibre towel in between passes or before applying polish and wax.


Within a few minutes the results should be instantly noticeable – no more cobweb marks or swirls should remain. Once you’re happy with the correction, it’s now time to polish and seal the revived paintwork.

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Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish is the key to achieving a rich and deep paint finish. Application is exactly the same as compound, albeit switching to a 5in Polishing Disc (yellow disc). Quickly and evenly apply the polish over the paintwork.


A common misconception is that polish only protects the paint, but that simply isn’t the case. Polish feeds the paint with essential oils needed to maintain a shiny and long-lasting finish, but it must always be sealed with a wax. Just like compound, remember to use a clean microfibre towel in between passes ensuring all product is removed before moving onto the final stage.


Paintwork looking flawless and swirl-free, it’s now time to protect that super-glossy finish. For the best result, the MT320 can be fitted with a 5in Finishing disc (black disc) perfectly suited for use with Meguiar’s flagship wax – Ultimate Wax. Ensure a thin coat is quickly and efficiently applied to the whole car before allowing it to cure.


Run your finger over the wax – if it comes off smoothly, it’s ready to be removed with a clean microfibre towel. It it still feels tacky, leave the wax to cure a little longer before removal. All that’s left is to take a step back and enjoy a professional-finish paint!