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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Meguiar's @ Edition 38

Can you believe it’s Edition 38 time already?! It wasn’t too long ago that September signaled the UK show scene drawing to a close, but 2018 is jam packed with more killer events than ever before. Player’s 12.0, Trax, Japshow and the NEC Classic to name a few – all massive events for Meguiar’s UK, and all still to come later this year. But before all of them, we’ve got Edition…

Edition 38 has long been a pillar within the UK show season. Established back in 2001, Edition was the first ‘major’ show of its kind put together by enthusiasts for enthusiasts (albeit tailored towards VW fans) – a format which continues to be successful thanks to its laid-back vibes and community feeling often missed by traditional large-scale events.

Before the show was formed, Edition 38 was all about the online forum which brought together tens of thousands of members from around the world. The Edition 38 forums were an essential part of VW ownership – from diagnosing problems to sourcing rare parts and everything in between.

In 2018 social media has completely changed the way we consume car content, but Edition 38 continues to be an important event for VW fans with the camp site specifically attracting thousands of campers. The venue has always remained the same – Northampton’s Overstone Park – and while you’re likely to see a lot of the same cars it’s a fantastic opportunity to catch up with old friends.

Meguiar’s UK has been a long-standing supporter of the Edition 38 brand, not only displaying at the shows but also welcoming many of the Edition 38 team into the Meguiar’s detailing bay such is their passion for car care and detailing.

It’s what we love most about the crowds Edition 38 attracts. These are die-hard enthusiasts who don’t need educating on the importance of car care, but instead simply want to choose the best products specifically tailored towards their needs. Thankfully, Meguiar’s UK has been in the game long enough to boast a catalogue full of cleaning solutions for ALL your needs!


We hate to repeat ourselves, but a bit of sunshine really does completely change the atmosphere of any event! Last year’s Edition 38 show boasted PLENTY of it, and with it more cars than ever before. For such a big, chilled show the level of show cars on display was second to none, with all aspects of watercooled (and air-cooled) VWs on display.

One of our favorites from the weekend was ‘Macy The Bug’ owned by Phil @ The Install Company. This ’63 Beetle runs super-low on static suspension and looks utterly stunning parked up and on the move. Phil’s a long-term friend of Meguiar’s and his Beetle represents everything we love about the VW scene. You can follow the build over at

We’re looking forward to heading back over to Overstone Park this weekend for another round of Edition – make sure you pop over and say hello if you’re attending!

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