Do we need to even bother introducing Player’s Classic? Year after year it continues to exceed expectations, but for the odd few who aren’t familiar with why this show works so good let’s hit you with a basic equation: Awesome cars + chilled vibes + prestigious location = guaranteed excellence. It’s as simple as that, but that’s not to say it’s an easy event to put together…

For a start, Goodwood Circuit is a pretty small complex in comparison to somewhere like Silverstone. So choosing the right cars is essential, especially when those numbers applying for show spaces massively exceeds the available spots. Carl and JayMac work tirelessly all year round to select specific cars based on the make/model, what’s been done and if they’ve been seen regularly before.

While that inevitably means some people (unfortunately) lose out, for everyone else it ensures the mix of cars at one event is second to none. And ultimate, the Player’s team put this event on for all car fans, and not just the regular show-goers.

Secondly, there’s the vibe. Most shows are incredibly regimented in their approach, their layout and even the traders, stalls and food available. Player’s Classic throws that out the window, giving punters an ‘access all areas’ approach with easy view of the track, show car paddock and beyond. Traders are kept limited and relevant, and even the food resembles actual good-quality food and not just a van full of e coli.

Combine those two elements with the fact that, in 2018 it’s now morphed into a 2-day event, and you’ll understand why we can’t wait to get back down to Goodwood this weekend! We’ve been long-standing supporters of the Player’s team – not just at Goodwood but at North Weald, too – and we’re proud to continue that throughout 2018 and beyond.

So let’s take it back to the inaugural year of Classic, 2013. Fresh venue, fresher faces and a few familiar cars which can still be found floating around the show scene. It’s come a long way in just 5 years, and we can’t wait to see what the show brings in another 5!

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