AE awards

We always pride ourselves on producing quality car care products and are always humbled when these products are recognised by the motoring press. In a recent Auto Express product test Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound and Ultimate Wash & Wax both won their respective categories.

The Ultimate Compound scored top marks because of its quick working formula and the fact that it does not damage paint. “Not  only is it easy to use and safe, but it left a super shine that couldn’t be matched”, said the Auto Express team. Ultimate Compound is the perfect product to revive faded paint and remove scratches and swirls. To find out more about the product click on the buy now button.



When testing the Ultimate Wash & Wax the Auto Express team were really impressed by how well the polymer formula worked at removing dirt and grime. The team were also impressed by the shiny finish and great beading that the product left behind. This is why they did not hesitate to award the Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere ‘Best Waterless Wash.’

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